Journal Entry – 10.12.2017

It is 6:11 PM on Thursday October 12th, 2017.  Everyone is inside watching the Adams Family and so I thought I’d sneak out for a post in my clubhouse.

The first thing on my mind is the sun which is a deep orange color due to all the smoke from the fires up north.  It isn’t even close to the horizon but has taken on the color of a sunset.  I’m too lazy to go take a picture of it at the moment, perhaps tomorrow when the air quality is predicted to still be terrible.

The second thing on my mind is finding something that inspires the imagination and stirs the soul.  I’ve just felt rather melancholy lately and have tried to improve my mindset through music and movies.  Those seem to do the trick a little but they quickly fade.  There is just so much negativity in the news these days that it has gotten to me a bit.  I’ve become a bit lethargic and need that burst of energy, something to motivate, to really get my spirits up.  Music does help with that but I’m also stuck in a rut there listening to the same things over and over.  I wish Amazon or YouTube would improve their algorithms and introduce me to new stuff I’d really like.  Amazon has the same old stale tracks although they did introduce Alexa to the app and she’s been pretty good.  YouTube just recommends the same stuff over and over.

The third thing on my mind is how people here in California pronounce Spanish names with an English pronunciation.  It only gets on my nerves when they correct my pronunciation done the Spanish way with the English pronunciation and then tell me I’m wrong.  For example:

San Rafael is pronounced San Ra-fell.  When I first came here I pronounced it the Spanish way and they told me no, San Ra-fell!!  That was annoying.  Then the other day I pronounced Vallemar the Spanish way but was told ‘No, it is pronounced Valley Mar!”  I asked then why don’t they spell it “Valley Mar!”  I explained that it is a Spanish name and in Spanish you pronounce the double ll as a y.  My wife and son told me I was incorrect.  I said “Ok, then Tokyo should be pronounced Tokeeyo.  My wife who is Japanese then corrected me and said that no, it should be pronounced Tok-yo (the Japanese way).  I then said “See my point!”  Just because English speakers insist on mispronouncing a word doesn’t make it correct!  Another example is Cabrillo:  Cabri-Yo is the correct way to say it, not “Cabrilow”  Annoying!

Ok, time to surf the net a bit and listen to my music.

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