Einstein Quote – Modest Life

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.” – Albert Einstein

I agree very much with this quote, it is just very hard to follow in this capitalistic, technology heavy society.  Business, is the business of the USA regardless of how many 4th of July parades are done, Star Spangled Banners sung or Pledges of Allegiance recited.

Corporations have become more powerful than government and control it.  The bottom line is what is looked after and taken care of and the people are just a tool to increase profits.  Soon, people might not even be needed with the way AI is advancing.

I read an article that more wealth is concentrated at the top now since any time since The Gilded Age of the 20s.  We were always taught that Capitalism is the best of all possible systems but here we are with people not being able to find jobs, not able to afford healthcare and people not even being able to afford a place to live here in Pacifica.  The most recent measure is about rent control here in Pacifica and it has really divided the community.  People on fixed incomes are being priced out of their apartments and Measure C is supposed to fix that by creating rent control.  I am against the measure because although they say it is not a tax, this is what all politicians say and then eventually more taxes come.  George Bush senior said it best with “No New Taxes” and then of course new taxes were implemented.  Taxes do not go down, they only go up in the USA no matter what promises are made.

But back to the quote, I do believe a modest, simple life is the way to go but one has to live in the right environment to live like this.  This certainly isn’t the right environment here in SF where everything is tech driven and we’re hounded by notifications, pings, advertisements and every conceivable way to separate your money from your wallet.  I’m in sales and no matter how big the sale, it is soon forgotten and you have to produce more and more.  It never ends.

By 魔手

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