Journal Entry – 9.28.2017

It is 8:50 PM on Thursday September 28th.  It is dark with all the stars hidden by fog.

My son and I just got back from another informational Cub Scouts meeting.  I did it as a kid and even still have my uniform and so thought we’d check it out.  I remember enjoying some of scouting but I really didn’t like the camping at all.  I remember one camp up in Northern Ohio along the Maumee River that I absolutely hated. My parents drove me up there and left me for an entire week.  The teenager in charge of our group was a complete dickhead named Jeff.  Yes I still remember his name because he was such an ass.  One time I didn’t hear what he said and he asked me if I needed my “ears cleaned.”  I was so terrified I replied ‘yes’ so he made me wait in the hall while I cried while he went looking for q-tips.  Luckily a nice instructor came along, saw me crying and then yelled at Jeff.  Another time we went fishing and he told us boys to all go find our own worms.  Well, we were only about 7 years old, didn’t have any luck finding worms and so didn’t get to fish.  I also got dropped off at Camp Lazarus for another week and it was also awful but not as bad as the one in Northern Ohio.  So needless to say I hate camping.

Looking at the images of camping tonight made me wonder if this is something I really want to do.  Yes, it is for my son but I would also participate in these things with him and not sure I really want to do it.  Listening to the speech they talk about ‘values’ ‘God’ ‘Country’ and these are also things I’m a bit iffy on.  My experience around the world has made me learn things that most people never do.  For one, I’ve learned a lot about religion and am not a fan.  I’m also not very proud of my country at the moment and it is to God and country they make you swear oaths to.  I get the sense that Cub Scouting is a bit outdated, like something out of the 1950s.

Yet, if my son is interested I might give it another thought.  To be honest, I’m 50/50 on the whole thing right now, I’ll have to give it a lot of thought.

In other news I wrote a post on Facebook which lead me to a great idea for a Christmas gift.

Tonight it hit me like a ton of bricks that my generation is no longer young and the new generation here to stay. My son was softly singing “Beautiful World” and I said “No, you mean Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong right?” He said, “NO Dad! Beautiful World by the StoryBots!” I asked if he was sure and put on Wonderful World with that gravelly, yet gentle voice of Louis Armstrong. Then my 3 year old asks “Boss Baby??” NO!! This is not Boss Baby singing. Fortunately he didn’t ask me to “Put the cookie down” because “cookies are for closers.” It was the second shock of this kind; the first was seeing Alicia Silverstone in the role of a mother in Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Long Haul. When did the star of Clueless become a mom??? They turn on the radio and rock out to Spice Girls “Wannabe” and the kids are like “Turn this crap off!!!” So sad….. was such a great song!!

It is nice to see so much of my generation reflected in today’s toys, songs and movies though; it is confirmation that our younger days were quite awesome: Ninja Turtles, Mario, Sonic, Trolls (and their entire soundtrack), Nintendo, Pokemón, you name it, the old is new again! What is next Teddy Ruxpin 6.0? ��

Holy CRAP!!!!!! I just searched it on Amazon out of curiosity and there is a Teddy Ruxpin 2017!!! (Sold OUT already!!). Luckily we’ve got the original; but he smells like toxic mold and one eyelid might not work which might scare the timid. Well, I guess that proves it, the ‘80s and ‘90s were awesome and trying to be replicated these days. I’m glad I grew up then and not now. Now seems a bit too hectic with all the data, social, pings, pokes, notifications and always connected way of life. Give me GnR, a Camaro and a night out with friends, no damn internet needed.

But speaking of old is new, a public service announcement if you’ve read this far. If you are planning on Santa bringing a Nintendo Switch I would buy it now; it is going to be sold out and there will be a lot of disappointed kids around Christmas. Did my research and willing to give free advice on price points/where to buy if you message me.

You’re on your own with the Teddy Ruxpin though…..

I couldn’t believe that Teddy Ruxpin is the top Christmas gift this year.  I checked around and it was all out of stock already but I placed an order on Amazon anyway for my youngest son and niece.  Well, I waited a day and there were no updates so I checked around again and found that I could get it on  And so I cancelled the Amazon order and bought through Walmart and see that they both have shipped.

I’m very glad I’ve started the Christmas shopping so early this year because the top toys will all soon be sold out.  I’ve already got the Nintendo Switch and a couple of other great gifts and am glad for the ease of being able to buy online without a holiday rush.  I’m actually having fun with it since there are so many cool toys out there that remind me of my own childhood.

Well, it is late for me and I better get to bed.

By 魔手

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