Journal Entry – 8.23.2017 – Evening

It is 7:55 PM on August 23rd, 2017.  We’ve just returned from our first green belt class in San Francisco.  Our true first green belt class was in Japan which is pretty cool but tonight was the first one we’ve taken here.  Kai told me again before we went to class that he didn’t like karate.  I asked him why and he said because he hit and kicked his brother.  I told him that it is ok to play but you have to be careful with your little brother and play with him softly.  It is not karate’s fault he cried, Kai just needs to be a little more gentle.

The green belt class is great because we get to learn entirely new things for the whole class.  Also, there is weapons class right after so we take both classes back to back.  When we got home Kai was excited to show Mom what he had learned, kihon sono 6 and the weapons maneuvers.  Looks like he likes karate again.

School starts tomorrow and we’ll be back into full routine again.  It amazes me how quickly time passes.  I remember going to the local Terra Nova homecoming football game with Kai about five years ago. It surprised me that they don’t do the King and Queen but instead just have the classes make a lap around the track.  I remember looking at all those kids, the cheerleaders, the football player seniors and thinking that they would be in college the following year.  It made me feel a bit aged.  Well, now they most likely have completed college and are in their first jobs.  This completely blows me away!  Time goes faster as you age and the years pass by in a blink.  Those kids from five years ago are working adults!

As for school I think I’m a little more anxious than Kai!  I think back to my own childhood thinking that school would never end, especially in the beginning years.  You have 8 years plus kindergarten then another four years of high school.  That is an eternity to young kids.  I think one year for a kid is like five years for an adult, it is a pretty long time.  So in other words, 8 years for a kid would be 45 years for an adult… an eternity!

But those years did pass and here I am at 40 years old.  It also makes me feel a bit aged to see young twenty and thirty somethings getting married and even divorced!  These kids were just little kids when I was a senior in high school and now their in full swing of adulthood.

Well, the fog has rolled in and it is another chilly Pacifica night.  It is bedtime for the kids and as life will change for my son with summer being over so it will change for me.  I’m already up at a very early hour but I’ll have to take him to school, fight the traffic, deal with the mad rush at the school then get back home to work.  Where did the summer go?  I cannot believe it is already over.

By 魔手

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