Journal Entry – 8.19.2017

It is Saturday, August 19th at 2:04 PM.  Aside from school we are back in routine and went to karate class yesterday and today.  I actually thought about writing this blog post while doing the exercise/karate portion of our training:  it is absolutely exhausting and I really don’t like karate when I’m completely out of energy but still have another minute to go.

When I think back to my wrestling days of high school I forget how completely awful the practices were.  People actually threw up from being out of shape and having to keep going.  That is what karate feels like when we have to kick and punch for many minutes and my energy is completely drained.  I am not a mentally tough person when that happens.  But the reward comes when it is over and I feel really good about myself and see myself getting better at karate everyday.

Kai told me he didn’t like karate a few days ago before we had started up again but I think that was just the jitters for getting back into it.  On Friday we learned that his little girlfriend Miya had joined and so he was looking forward to the class today.  Interesting how that turned around so quickly!  He saw all his friends and remembers how to do everything so seemed like he was enjoying himself, especially because Miya is now there.

In regards to routine it is nice to get back to my journal again.  I still have to write about my trip to Ohio and Japan on the overall (Mt. Fuji post is done).  I also have a lot of reading to catch up on and will do my best since it is hard with my boys and all the play time they require.

I’m feeling good this Saturday afternoon, especially since karate class is over.  If I had my druthers I’d take a nap but that certainly isn’t going to happen!


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