Journal Entry – 3.4.2017

It is 4:49 AM on Saturday, March 4th, 2017.  I thought that for this post, I’d just write about the random things running through my mind lately.

The first is I continue to think about the ideas put forth in the quantum mechanics book; specifically what reality looks like at the smallest of scales.  This made me think about the unimaginable horror we would see if our eyes could focus at the microscopic level.  Imagine the most beautiful woman (or guy) and how they fill others with passion, lust, desire and incredible yearning to touch and kiss them.  Then think about how quickly those feelings would change if suddenly one could see the microscopic reality!

I looked at a few images on Google and I can assure you that anyone in their right mind would not want to kiss the lips of even the most beautiful woman who has ever lived should they see things as they really are.  Dead skin cells, flecks of flesh, moving bacteria possibly smeared with a chemical concoction of lipstick.

Thoreau painted a miraculous and hidden world of alien like insects that although all around us that we hardly realize exists.  Now go smaller, to the microscopic level and our own, seemingly familiar reality becomes as alien as if we were to be dropped on an exoplanet circling some distant star.

And so it becomes a very interesting mind trick, that when you feel desire for another, just think of the microscopic reality; how quickly that enchanted spell disappears.  I wish I would have thought of this in high school, perhaps I would have been able to focus on my studies more!

Taking a bit of a serious turn, in looking at these microscopic pictures I came across a few human embryos and of course this made me think of abortion.  To see what happens at the microscopic level during an abortion erases pretty much all justification for the pro-choice.  I have been pro-choice in the past but that mostly due to my revulsion of religion and the massive ignorance and delusion they promote.  However, my heart also aches for the millions of unwanted children that without abortion would be born to a life of pain and suffering.  I put myself in their place and given the choice as a soul, I would prefer to not be born at all.  I am convinced this life, this reality is illusion, a brief stop in a miraculous eternity.  So why would I want to be born to parents that do not want me, will most likely abuse me after which I’ll turn to drugs, have a stream of broken relationships and most likely die young anyway?

It would be as if today, which will be a beautiful day I were to pass by an exclusive club where invited inside I’ll be tortured for an hour or two and then released.  I’d prefer not to step inside at all!

Then on the other hand I think about this decadent society we live in an how some use abortion as a form of birth control and am truly disgusted.  I then swing towards the opinion that perhaps there should be big restrictions put into place.  I take another look at the reality, what physically happens and my opinion is solidified towards restrictions.

It would solve things if we could speak directly to the soul who would inhabit this newly forming human body inside a woman considering abortion and say, “Hey, are you sure you want to have this experience?”  After all, there are worse things than abortion which is clearly shown by a former Catholic care home in Ireland.  The child could be born, severely mistreated and then still die, just a year or two later.

Pro-life adherents turn a blind eye to the awful life experience of unwanted children and pro-choice supporters turn a blind eye to the reality of a life literally being ripped apart.  Children are the most precious, innocent and wonderful beings.  It is such a shame that they grow up to become adults.  A beautiful, perfect creation that over time becomes twisted and flawed.

So where do I stand on abortion at 39 years old?  I say keep it legal with major restrictions, much more support for women considering, and an overwhelming attitude change in support of life in all its forms.

This society we live in is so accepting of killing.  Let’s go to war for whatever reason that nobody really understands!  Let’s glorify killing with our movies, music, culture and lifestyle.  Kill the deer, kill the annoying raccoons, don’t give another thought to the animal that was just run over, it didn’t matter.  Kill, kill and kill some more.

Our society is so selective on when it decides to pay attention with murder and death.  During Trump’s recent speech to Congress there was much focus on the Navy SEAL Mr. Owens, who died and his widow who was in attendance.  It showed her crying and praying while Congress clapped for a very long time.  There was no mention of those, including the children that were killed, and possibly killed by Mr. Owens himself.  To point this out draws venomous ire from many in America.  It is ok for Americans to kill others, even children, in foreign lands but not ok when an American is killed, even if the death occurs while the American is killing others in their own homes.  A good reason will be invented if there is none.

This blatant hypocrisy makes me very bitter and I no longer want to be part of this, nor any nation.  But killing and death is not confined to just nation states is it.  In fact, it is part of our entire human species and our very limited in intellect.  We cry out in agony and suffering when harm is inflicted upon our own bodies yet do not have the emotional intelligence to understand the pain and suffering of other living things when we inflict pain on them.

I’m now reminded of a Facebook post of more than a few acquaintances that showed their sons with the bloody face of a freshly shot deer.  The boys smile while the deer has lines of blood on the cheeks, vacant eyes and a limp tongue hanging out.  But this is all ok isn’t it.  It is ok to kill something or someone so long as they are not of our own family, tribe, nation, race or species; just choose which level is appropriate for you to kill things; let’s call it the murder spectrum upon which 95% of humanity will fall.

On that note I’ve realized the time is 6:01 AM and I really should get the coffee made.  As for breakfast should I have the dead embryo of chicken, the slice of dead pig flesh or perhaps a patty of ground-up livestock?

Ah, the moment when dietary habits directly conflict with highfalutin ideals.  I will gently release outside a spider I find in my house yet happily devour a ground up animal.

It is hard to see reality for the first time.  Perhaps it is good that most of humanity cannot do so; a survival mechanism of some sort.  Wrap this reality in the security blanket of delusion, religion, conformity, and willful ignorance.  Close your eyes and it will go away; if forced to look then choose to see a beautiful fashion model where there is a dying anorexic; see a smiling women who has the freedom to make a choice and not the dead child; see a loving father giving a warm embrace where there is the absolute dread of the unknown; see the decorated warrior and his grieving widow and not the dead family which he murdered; see whatever it is you want to see, truth is much too uncomfortable and unsettling.

I still haven’t made the coffee and need to get the day started.

By 魔手

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