Journal Entry – 3.18.2017

It is 6:45 AM on Saturday March 18th, 2017.

The past two weeks have been busy and gotten me out of routine.  On Sunday, March 5th there was the Fighter’s Cup which was definitely new for me and left me pretty sore for the next week.  I’m really glad I did it and even happier that I came away without anything broken.  The experience gave my son and I a lot of confidence.  For him, confidence is something new, something that is developing for the first time.  For me, I’ve had confidence since high school but there are ups and downs in the adult working world.  Doing this Fighter’s Cup gave me a sort of confidence and pride that I really haven’t felt since high school.

But anyway, my parents were nice enough to come into town while my wife and I went to Jamaica.  I did very well at work last year so was invited to the annual Best in Class company event.  This was the first time we had gone on a trip without the kids and they did just fine.  That was a very nice, albeit quick, trip.  I’ll write another post about that trip later.

This weekend is the first one in quite a while which were back to schedule.  There is karate class, then my son and I will go for ramen and then afterwards maybe do a little shopping.  I promised him we could get some black shinguards and after his first place finish he certainly deserves it.  I also need to pick up some plastic cases from Daiso in which to keep the Japanese newspapers he was featured in so he’ll always have them.

Finally, it would be nice to hit up some estate/garage sales this weekend. I also promised him a large ‘treasure’ chest like the one I have.  I’ve had mine since 1989 and is an old steam boat chest that I received for free and is now worth about $300.  I want something with character for him, something that you cannot just buy at Target but instead has character and is a treasure in itself.  The newspaper would be one of the first things to go into that trunk.

And that is the plan for this Saturday.

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