Journal Entry – 2.12.2017

It is 8:51 AM on Saturday February 12th, 2017.  I’m sitting on the couch, the boys are playing the Goat Simulator and the wife is upstairs doing wife things.

I haven’t written as much as I liked to recently and have been out of my routine.  My mind has been all over the place and I haven’t been able to concentrate.  This is due to a couple of reasons.  The first is Trump and the new administration.  I honestly wondered if he would be starting World War Three.  However, the events of the past week, especially with Trump acknowledging the one China principle, have allowed me (and the intelligent part of the nation) to breath a sigh of relief.  The second item was work: I had a couple of big renewals to get through.  If I didn’t do well then the company loses a lot of money.  Fortunately, things went well and my portfolio is pretty much in order.  Those two things combined caused me a lot of stress.  Then, the stress combined with germs brought home from school caused me to have a nasty cold!

When it comes to colds and sickness I am not a mentally tough person.  This cold had me on the couch for most of yesterday and of course one can never really rest with kids.  I did however manage to get through a good portion of my book as well as two episodes of Oliver Stone’s The Untold History of the United States.

Anyway, the kids are making a racket and I cannot concentrate enough to write this post.  That is why I wake up at 3:30 AM, just to have a bit of peace and be able to write or get to the gym.

I haven’t been to the gym in a while, as I said I’m out of my routine and so have been choosing to sleep more than just get up.  Once I get over this cold I’ll get back to the gym and back into my morning routine.

By 魔手

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