Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail Bike Ride

Half Moon Bay Golf Links

Yesterday I went on a mountain bike ride from the Miramar restaurant to the Half Moon Bay Golf Links.  The golf links signature hole is above and reminds one of Pebble Beach.  It was incredibly windy which made for some fantastic waves:  they had a beautiful curl with spray being blown off the tops back into the ocean.

The Half Moon Bay Golf Links isn’t exclusive but it is expensive and there can be some very snooty people there.  The thing is the costal trail (public) runs right through the golf course.  There are families, runners, bikers and everything else you might find on a public trail.  This surprises some of the visitors who are sitting out on the very large patio and lawn overlooking the 18th hole and I’ve heard two snooty comments from the past two times I’ve been there.

  1. Dad: “This is a public trail.”  Son: “Yes, it smells like a public trail.”
  2. Random Dude:  “Look at this guy.”  I think he was talking about me since I was on my mountain bike and had full gear. I turned around and looked at him and his girl with a very confident smile to which they both quickly looked away.  At least I think that is what he said, I could be wrong, I had on my earphones and was expecting something snooty given that most people who go to this golf club are inherently snooty people.

I also saw a group of law students from some Ivy League I forget the name who walked a little into the wilderness part of the trail.  I looked at them and smiled while riding past and not one of them smiled back.  Why is it that law students are always such little cunts?  Perhaps it is not their fault and just the environment of law school to which they are expected to conform?  After all, they’ll graduate, join some firm and be worked to death.  Then they’ll either have a crisis and quit or stick it out on the partner fast track, become a workaholic, neglect their families, get a divorce, their kids will hate them, they’ll try to buy their love, it won’t work and in the end become a true, honest-to-God cunt that still doesn’t smile to people they pass on beautiful coastal trails.

Aside from a few cunty people around the HMB Golf Links it was an absolutely fantastic ride full of incredible beauty.


By 魔手

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