Hillary Clinton – Disappointment

I’m making this an LTMD as there is enough being written about Hillary’s shock loss and I’m not interested in adding to the conversation.  I just want to let my descendants in the far future know some of my current thoughts.  And my thoughts are this:

Most of us, including myself, only know politicians by the news and information we receive.  From this information we form an opinion based on our own mindset, beliefs and what we’ve been taught through the course of our lives.  So I don’t know Hillary, I only know ‘of her’ through the information I read.

From this information I’ve found that she is just another self-serving politicians with an ‘unbridled ambition’ that for the first time in her life has been shot down.  She took none of the blame for losing the election on herself, but rather her and the other old lady – Nancy Pelosi – blamed the FBI for bringing up the e-mail scandal again very close to the election.

That is not the reason she lost.  The reason she lost is because she isn’t likable, couldn’t galvanize her base and nobody really wanted to vote for her.  I voted for her although I really didn’t want to; I voted for her in order to try to keep Trump from winning.  So there you have it, the truth!  She lost because not many really wanted to vote for her.  She is a career politician and from what I’ve heard from a buddy who worked under her is that the way she runs things is atrocious.

She should apologize to all of us.  She should apologize for making her own ambitions more important than for the welfare of the country.  She said that recently she has just wanted to curl up with a good book and stay in the house???  She should be writing a novel of an apology to the entire nation for screwing things up!  It is hard to even make up some of the scandal.  Let’s just recap.

Her main advisor Huma Abedin had a husband who liked to send dick pictures to underage girls.  He was caught doing it as a Congressman, disgraced, and lost his job.  But then he did it AGAIN and the FBI found Clinton e-mails which reopened the case to her own scandal of using her private server for classified information which was illegal and made humongous lies about.  But Hillary is not the type to blame herself, she will blame the FBI publicly, blame Huma and most certainly Anthony as well, but privately, and then perhaps all the voters who are directly responsible for not voting for her!

I do feel a little sorry for Huma.  As I said above I only know these people through information on the internet but I’m also very good at reading people.  Huma seems like a sweet person to me from the videos I’ve seen on YouTube.  I really do not understand how someone as beautiful and smart as her would go for someone as weak, frail and conceited as Weiner.  It is most likely because he was politically powerful; after all isn’t that what women in Washington D.C. want?  She is also connected to some pretty powerful Saudis so it could be she is just another spoiled brat.  But, I really do think that at her core she is a sweet girl and it is always a terrible to see a woman with a broken heart.

Huma Abedin Said to Suffer Emotional Breakdown

Anyway, I’ve never wanted the wife of a previous President to become President.  I feel it makes us look like a third world country where government is a family business.  Regarding her ambitions, there are reports that she didn’t take the loss too well.  This is from the Conservative side but highly believable in my opinion.

Sources have told The American Spectator that on Tuesday night, after Hillary realized she had lost, she went into a rage. Secret Service officers told at least one source that she began yelling, screaming obscenities, and pounding furniture. She picked up objects and threw them at attendants and staff. She was in an uncontrollable rage. Her aides could not allow her to come out in public. It would take her hours to calm down. As has been reported for years, her violent temper got the best of her. Talk about having a temperament ill-suited for having access to the atomic bomb. So Podesta went out and gave his aimless speech.

Source:  https://spectator.org/where-was-hillary/

So, I’ve had serious thoughts of registering myself as an Independent based on this.  The Democratic party in its current form can burn to the ground.  The Republicans too seem to have imploded only to rise from the ashes as a bright phoenix – making a clean sweep in the elections of the House, Senate and Presidency – that, given government, power and greed as they are, will once again burn and become ashes.  I just hope that Trump doesn’t screw it up so much that my metaphor of ashes doesn’t become literal ashes with a nuclear war.  I’m no longer convinced that there is some wise person at the wheel and I’m not that confident in the strength of US institutions.  We just saw the Presidency fall to a demagogue, why couldn’t other institutions do the same?

I do have hope and that hope is that Trump will continue to grab the Republicans by the pussy and throw them around the same way he did in the primary.  From his nominations for certain posts it certainly doesn’t seem that way.  I am glad that a brick was thrown through the window of the establishment but I just wish it had been a Democratic brick which had a name – Bernie Sanders.  Hillary screwed all that up and she should take the blame.

I’ve also heard that Chelsea has become a spoiled brat from leaked memos thanks to Wikileaks.  That is too bad; I remember when she was just a shy kid holding her Dad’s hand.  Now she’s part of the aristocracy, part of the club with Ivanka Trump and her super rich husband.  With this election I really don’t see why America kids itself about being a great country, one for the people anymore.  I’m sure I could be proven wrong but isn’t the Presidency and politics really for the aristocrats?  Even if they do not participate directly, they certainly grease the wheels and control the strings that make those puppet politicians dance.  That was proven by Citizens United.

America needs to face the facts that like most countries, this is a place for the wealthy.  Fuck, we should just stop kidding ourselves, chose the most powerful billionaire and make him King (or her Queen).  Those poor bastards that voted for Trump are going to quickly learn that Trump doesn’t care for them, he cares for his rich buddies and they were all conned.

I really do hope I’m wrong about all this and Trump really does make things better and succeeds in doing so.

As for me, I’m pretty disillusioned with politics and not even entirely sure I’ll ever participate in the process again.

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