Looking out the window

It is 6:01 AM and there is not a lot of time before the day officially begins so I’ll keep this post short.

One can learn a lot by spending time looking out their front window.  Recently, I’ve been looking out my second story window after family bath time as I wait for the kids to dry off and put on their pajamas.  I’d like to spend even more time looking out the window but I also don’t want to be known as the weird neighbor who looks out his window.  Isn’t that strange, fear of looking out your window because you’re afraid neighbors might look into your window and see you staring out?

Anyway, I’ve seen some interesting things.

The first is a deer that decided to walk up the street.  I was afraid he might get hit by a car because people do not go the speed limit on my street and there are slopes where you cannot see if something might be in the road fifteen feet in front of you.  Luckily two women were walking their dog, the dog barked and the deer ran into my neighbors backyard.

Next, I saw a larger, middle aged woman park her SUV right in front of my house.  She then crossed the street and walked about four houses down the hill.  She then turned left and walked not to the front door of a house but into its side gate and disappeared from sight into the back of the house.  This immediately got me thinking of a secret, illicit liaison since she could have easily parked her car in front of the house she was visiting and front doors are usually used for normal visits.  Her SUV remained in front of our house past bedtime and checking this morning I see that it is gone.

In regards to looking out the window in general, I think it is something people here in the Bay Area do not generally do.  Many houses have huge living room windows that face the street and I’d say that 90% of these windows have shades that are permanently shut.  That strikes me as so odd, people who coop themselves up in dark houses trying to shut out any source of natural light with shades.  In addition to being terrible drivers, Californians are also pretty antisocial as neighbors really do not know each other and the amount of people that decorate for the holidays is nil.

It is easy to see why most other states really do not like people from California.  I’m starting to get it!

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