Journal Entry – 9.14.2016

It is 5:06 AM.  Recently I’ve been feeling run down, my whole body is tired and devoid of any energy.  This is most likely due to hard workouts at karate class which my body hasn’t experienced in a very long time and takes a while to recover from.  It isn’t like the gym where I’m just sore in one specific area, my whole body is tired after karate.  Then there are my two boys who have an endless supply of energy and always in the mood to play.  And finally, there is work which although not difficult or even very busy, has a constant atmosphere of stress that never goes away.  There is always one more program to renew and one more problem to solve.

So, even though I’ve just woken up, I’m still tired and my whole body aches.  I don’t remember being so tired a few months ago when I would go to the gym a few times a week at 4:00 AM.  Tiredness or not, I’ll have to pick up the gym routine again here soon.

We’re now in the middle of September and it is hard to believe that we’re almost at the beginning of the holiday season and towards the end of 2016.  Time really does go fast, so fast for someone at 39 years of age that it is a bit scary.  We put out the Halloween decorations yesterday, a good 15 days too early I think, but the wife had some free time and wanted to get it done.

In other news we finally bought a new refrigerator.  The appliances that came with the house really weren’t very good and the refrigerator is the last one that needed replacing.  The main annoyance with the one we have is we could not use the water dispenser as it would freeze up.  Also, the previous owner installed an under sink filter but if I try to loosen the filter in order to change it the small copper piping starts to leak where it joins the filter.  So, many years ago I just used epoxy to stop the leak and left it that way since we couldn’t use the water dispenser anyway.

Well, I went to give it another shot but the filter was on so tight, or perhaps even bonded to the housing that I broke the plastic filter changing key and the leak started again.  Luckily, my neighbor is a plumber and I asked him if he could just attach the under sink water hose to the copper pipe that leads to the refrigerator space.  He says it will take all of five minutes and will do so today.  It will be great to finally have that professionally repaired and be able to use a water dispenser and ice maker again.

In other news I finally got my grandfather’s 10th Mountain Division pictures, letters etc archived with the official repository at the Denver library.  I got the paperwork yesterday and everything should be searchable here soon.  I think having all that stuff in the official archive is a great way to honor my Grandpa and am glad the idea occurred to me.

Well, I think that is enough for this post.  It is now 5:35 AM and I’ll do some study, meditation and maybe even some VR.

Make note of the time, it quickly slips away.


By 魔手

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