Journal Entry 8.7.2016

This Sunday ends our first week at the new karate dojo.  I’m a little sore in some spots but feeling very good on the overall.  My jaw hurts as Senpai kicked it by accident when we were sparring.  It was only my second time to spar and he is a blackbelt so of course he goes easy on me; if that had been a full powered kick it would have been lights out for me and most likely a broken jaw instead of just being sore.

I haven’t had workouts like this in a long time and sweat like a pig.  After the lesson I’m tired but feel great and I get flashbacks to the feeling I used to have after wrestling practice which was a lifetime ago.  It makes me happy to have a structured activity that gets me in shape and teaches me how to defend myself again.  It is also wonderful being able to share this experience with Kai and eventually Ren will join too.

I also really like how the class is Japanese: the instructions in Japanese, the style Japanese and the atmosphere Japanese.  It is a perfect fit.

By 魔手

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