Journal Entry 7.29.2016

It is now 6:06 AM.  I’ve been awake since 1:30 and could not fall back asleep.  At first I just flipped through various apps on my phone and tried to go sleep again but that didn’t work.  So I got up, watched some Thoughty2 and tried to sleep again but that didn’t work either.  Then my alarm for the gym went off so off the gym I went.

I’m feeling great after exercise but even more so because I rediscovered Van Halen.  I’ve been listening to them all morning and for the first time in a long time I’m pretty pumped up.  This music plus an exciting weekend in store plus certain changes that may be on the horizon have put me in a really great mood and sent confidence levels through the stratosphere.

It is so important to keep life exciting and fun; if it is not it is time to move on, take a trip, do something new.  I think one of the reasons that many look back on high school fondly is there were a lot of fun and exciting experiences which came just from being part of the class.  Sometimes these experiences were school structured and encouraged such as sports, plays, social events and so on.  Other times they were definitely not school approved such as parties, shenanigans with girlfriends/boyfriends, ‘experimenting’ with alcohol and so on.  All of these were fun because our friends were there and we were sharing experiences.

As adults these types of experiences do not exist anymore.  Or more specifically, the level of excitement felt in high school is rarely reached with experiences in adulthood.  It might simply be because in high school everything was new, we were still growing up.  As adults there are fewer experiences that are truly ‘new.’

But when I look a possible changes on the horizon, decide to take a trip somewhere I’ve never been before and turn up Van Halen! I’m reminded of the excitement I felt back then and haven’t felt in a long time.  I miss that energy, excitement, thrill that came so naturally when we are young.  I want to catch it and put it in a jar for when I need a recharge when certain drudgeries of adulthood start to wear me down.  Luckily, I can always go workout, but I cannot always find music to combine it with to really energize me.

A lot of Van Halen’s songs are awesome, but the one that has really pumped me up today is Dreams.

By 魔手

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