Journal Entry – 4.26.2016

It is now 7:21 AM and I’ve been out of my schedule for a while now.  I caught a cold the beginning of last week and it is just now wrapping up.  This means I haven’t been able to go to the gym or have any of my quiet time in the early morning preferring instead, to sleep in.

Some big news however, Kai learned to ride a bike last Sunday!  He was a bit reluctant since the first outing without the training wheels didn’t go so well which was most likely my fault.  I was afraid to let go of the training stick I had attached to the bike for fear he would fall and never want to try again.  Then I was upset when I felt he didn’t give it enough effort.

This time however I tried a different approach which was complete hands off; I didn’t even attach the training stick.  Hitomi also had a great idea which was to let him ride on his old strider to remember balance, then try the bike.  So after the strider I put him on the bike, held the handlebar and his shirt.  We started to go and I let go of the handlebar and then almost immediately of his shirt as well.  He rode just fine and is now looking forward to going biking again which we will!

While we were at the playground I noticed a group of guys clustered together which I immediately understood must have been an informal “father’s club.”  Sunday must be the day when these group of fathers spend time with their kids while the mother gets to go have her own time.  Since I work from home I get “dad’s time” pretty much everyday for which I’m extremely grateful. I don’t think I would do well in a “father’s club” as I imagine the majority of the talk is about sports which bores me to tears.  However, I am looking forward to getting involved in the Cub Scouts and some clubs with specific activities.

In other news we now have a new fence.  I was a bit worried because I had to put my trust in my neighbor Tom in regards to design and cost.  I always give people the benefit of the doubt so the worry wasn’t in Tom, but instead in not being able to give Hitomi a definite cost! Luckily it turned out to be a beautiful fence and just under estimate!  She really gave me a hard time about the tree cutting and escalating cost so I didn’t want to repeat the same scenario.  Now, when people see our view and how it adds about 10x the cost of cutting the trees to the value of our house I always ensure she heard and if not then I’ll ask them to repeat.  🙂

Finally, a short blurb about work.  I’ve been covering two other territories for almost half a year and we’ve finally got two new people hired and I’m helping bring them up to speed.  I’m looking forward to things “getting back to normal,” although I really miss my old teammates and am having the same feeling as I’ve had often throughout my life which is to turn the page.  When I decide to turn the page it is usually in a big way, moving countries etc, but there will be no moving countries this time.  The job continues to go well but I also become restless and need new experiences; I need to feel alive, I need to learn and life must continue to be exciting.  So, when we have the team meetings and I realize that the entire time has now turned over twice since I’ve been there I’m wondering if I shouldn’t say my goodbyes as well?  But luckily I’m reading the Tao of Pooh which is reminding me to enjoy the simple beauty of an ordinary day – and perhaps I can rediscover what it is I like in my current job to squeeze out another year or two.

Well, having said that it is now 7:41 AM and I better get some work done.


By 魔手

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