A Melancholy Toast

Write this a while ago, forgot to put it in the blog.  Is a work in progress:
Part I (11/14/2014)
To the Asian bar girls who are no longer 24
To my beautiful girlfriends who never found a compatible man; and who probably never will
To old relationships whose flame I can still feel
To the roads not taken, which I’ll never know
To youthful enthusiasm, killed in a cubicle
To great nights forgotten, by a whisky too many
To great friends who over time, turned out not so great to be
To old friends who married the wrong person
To those who want to forget their past and only live in the present; over and over again
To those who chose the safe husband, who settled
To those who love Jesus so much, they hate those who do not
To those whose career successes have made them forget old friendships
To those that know everything about God, because its the only story they’ve ever heard
Part II (4.27.2016)
To the single mothers, whose youthful beauty betrayed them
To the professional, whose work has become his life
To the 40 year old club girl who may become the world’s first 50 year old club girl; this Skyy vodka is for you
To the eternal student, who peaks through the ivy covered campus walls, never to set foot outside
To the selfie and the “like”; fueling insecurity since 2006
To seeing your old acquaintances with gray hair for the first time
To letting a friendship fade away rather than putting in the effort to renew it
To realizing you’re all alone, even when surrounded by many
To the passage of time; it does not stop
To the sunsets, that so very few appreciate
To writing down your thoughts; they are captured like a photograph and can be filed in a database
To death; thank you for reminding us to appreciate the beauty of life
Part III
To all women who become excessively distraught over the loss of their abusive fathers
To the older ladies who tell me they ‘do not need this job,’ yet continue to do it
To the girls whose sense of self-worth is derived from the boy they currently date
To the accumulation of evermore money in the belief that happiness can be bought later
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