Journal Entry – 3.17.2016

It is 6:36 AM; I was too tired to get up at 4 for the gym this morning and have woken up in a pretty bad mood.

The mood is attributed to a few things I’ll list here in no particular order.  The upstairs toilet won’t stop running; I fixed it a few years ago and now something must be wrong with the valve.  I’ll have to get this taken care of today since toilets are pretty useful things and need to be working.  The second thing is the Star Theater Pro has stopped working.  This is a projector that puts starts and planets up on the ceiling that slowly rotate.  This is a “toy” that has also been discontinued, was expensive to buy and is proving to be impossible to fix.  There is no documentation at all on the internet and I’ll cause major damage if I force it open.  The Star Theater Pro problem irritates me more than the toilet because the toilet is a pretty easy fix and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to use the Star Theater again.

In other annoyances there is work. I make it a practice to never write much about it but I want to look back on my current feelings five years from now.  I have a VP that speaks bad about others – even her own team – in the twisted logic that it will make her look good.  She praises us in meetings and conference calls then trashes us all I really don’t know what she does other than say “sell more” which is a job that could easily be done by a parrot and would certainly cost the company a lot less – even it was a super exotic, rare parrot straight from Brazil!

—interrupted, never finished this post and just discovered that it hadn’t been published.

By 魔手

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