Journal Entry – January 14th, 2016

It is now 4:23 PM on what I thought was Wednesday but is actually Thursday.  My head is spinning from an extremely busy week at work.  I’m still covering other territories and I’ve got a lot of stuff from my own territory to handle.  The day is wrapping up and I took some time to look at some of my old journal entries from over 15 years ago.

I think I might possibly be the only one on the internet who keeps an open journal spanning three decades; perhaps there is an award for this or I could get in the Guinness Book of Records?

I really like reading my old entries because it reminds me of who I was and how I used to think.  As we get older our mindset changes dramatically.  Let me take a moment to write my own mindset down right now for the future.

I feel like I need a change.  I changed my life pretty dramatically quite a few times the past twenty years but haven’t changed much in the past five.  I think part of my character is that I thrive on change and mixing things up quite a bit.  I’m not able to make a dramatic change such as moving countries at the moment but perhaps I could concentrate a little more on my career.  So far, everything has fallen into place.  I was reading in my own post from over 15 years ago that I hoped to have a house with an ocean view and I accomplished that!  I could also say I’ve become quite a bit more sophisticated as I had hoped to be.  So how can I make a change now?  Well, I have to be careful about changing careers because working from home is a great benefit.  It would not be good to change and then find myself hating the decision as I sit in traffic in a suite and tie every single morning.

Other things that have changed since I wrote fifteen years ago is the amount of technology we’ve become accustomed to.  Everyone wants to discover something amazing/entertaining/time wasting on the internet.  Even our news is a bunch of “entertaining” crap which makes me long for the days of Tom Brokaw and straightforward “this happened today” news without the cheerleaders and all the “amazement!”  Reading through the web, the e-mails, playing Warcraft, getting endless notifications has made us all a little crazy.  Reading my own posts I realize how much slower life was back then and I miss it.

In other news I’ve finally weaned myself off of Facebook.  I have drunk deeply from the Facebook cup and am tired of that flavor.  One can only take so much “look at me” or “look what I did” or “here is what I think” on a never ending feed.  I’m now staying true to my 2016 resolution to focus more inward instead of all that is happening around me.  I really need to find some zen and relax a bit.

And having said that, I just might consider opening up a bottle of wine.  We are heading down to Paso Robles here soon to partake of their hot springs and wineries.  The new wine cooler needs filling and Paso Robles is the perfect place to stock up.  Napa hotels were sold out and/or too expensive so I’m glad I didn’t forget the wonderful Paso Robles even though the drive is longer.

By 魔手

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