Renaissance Faire 2015

Northern California Renaissance Faire 2015 - IN brothels the touching is usually the other way around. Very aggressive wenches here.
Northern California Renaissance Faire 2015 – In brothels the touching is usually the other way around! Very aggressive wenches here.

It is 6:31 am on a very dark morning.  I’ve finally beaten the jet-lag and awoke without the aid of an alarm clock; I’m back on my usual schedule which is nice.

This past weekend I was unsure if I would attend the Renaissance Faire which I had scheduled on the calendar as I am alone without my family and still feeling down.  I didn’t decide until 10:00 pm the night before when I posted a random picture to Facebook and received a comment from my friend Mike who lives in Hollister and only 10 minutes from the faire!  I asked if he wanted to go, he was intrigued, and so I found myself making the almost two hour trip south.

I did have a very good time and was able to do many things I normally am not as my boy doesn’t have much of an attention span and usually says he wants to go home after an hour.  For the first time ever I was able to enter the 21 and over section and was treated to a great set by one of my favorite bands The Seadogs.  They played a naughty song I had not heard before and now has become one of my favorites: Bang Away Lulu.  I was also able to watch show after show including Broon, The Tournament of Games, The Joust, The Seadogs and Arcana.

Rdath - Dragon Wizard
Rdath – Dragon Wizard


I also ran into Rdath the Dragon Wizard again, showed him an image of the scroll he had given me two years ago and he reminded me it was of prosperity.

Watching the shows and drinking plenty of “Mudder’s Milk” the time flew by and before we knew it it was 5:30 and time to return home.

Although I did enjoy myself I did miss my young squires and hope that they will grow to appreciate this wonderful, quasi-historical and mirthful spectacle as much as I do.  Huzzah!



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