Art Exhibition

Today I went to an art exhibition – Everything but the kitchen sank – by Alejandro Almanza Pereda at the San Francisco Art Institute.  I had not expected to be visiting an exhibition when I woke up that morning but my friend Danielle, who I’ve known since Kindergarten, came into town and we got together to catch up.  While catching up she asked if we could stop by to see the exhibit as she knew the artist.  

Now I had not seen Danielle in approximately 17 years or so so it was great to see her.  This was only the second time in my life to visit an art exhibit with the first time being 17 years ago which just happened to be of art created by Danielle!  So basically, when I see Danielle I can also expect to receive a nice dose of culture and experience an environment that is completely foreign to me.  

The exhibit was fascinating and I enjoyed the people watching almost as much as the art.  I thought it might be appropriate to explain what I experienced but my brain is fried from a busy day at work so I’ll just post the link.





By 魔手

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