I'm Back Again!!!

I haven’t written an entry in years. You may think it’s because I ran out of stuff to say. But if you knew me, you know that that can’t be true….

Truth is, I fell into “gaming” again. I’ve been a “gamer” or video-gamer as they say since I was 6. The video game industry is a billion dollar industry and I’m sorry to say I’m a relatively major contributor.

Good news is I’ve finally broken free again. I go in cycles between gaming and being productive, but for the past year I got caught up in the games. The game this time was “World of Warcraft.” which happens to be the most popular “Massively Multi-player Online User Player Game” ever. As a nerd point of pride, I played Warcraft 1 and 2 before it was multi-user and had such popularity. Guess that fact just makes me more of a dork though.
For my fellow nerds who read this, these are the major games I have played in my life:

1. Phantasy Star 1 – Sega
2. Phantasy Star 2 – Genesis
3. Phantasy Star 3 – Genesis – Completely sucked
4. Warcraft – Computer
5. Warcraft II – Computer
6. Grand Theft Auto I and II – AWESOME!
7. Knight Online – Computer
8. World of Warcraft – Completely amazing.
But anywho, I’m back now, I’ve got the addiction under control again and will be productive. Please prepare for more posts, rants and picts!!

Author: 魔手

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