Letter to Dad 8.29.2004

Good Morning Dad,

Thanks for having C. call me.  It had been ages since I’d last spoke to
her and it was good to have a chat.

It’s almost September now and the weather has become cool and a bit wet here
in Tokyo.  It’s a fitting season to be leaving Japan; a place where I’ve
developed so much and had my eyes opened a little more.  Everyday, I
struggle with the thought of leaving here and try to imaging what life will
be like in Vietnam.  However, I believe it’s the comfort of Tokyo that stirs
these fears since I have established myself quite well in this concrete
jungle.  Yet, I’m determined to go to Vietnam for a few main reasons:

1.  It’s developing and many American businesses are setting up operations
there.  If I contrast it with America I see Vietnam as a place where I could
advance my career as well as my character much more rapidly than I could in
the United States.  The entire city is developing and is filled with the
excitement of opportunity and a better life.  Plus, I could add another
language.  I’m happy with my Japanese ability and after this language,
Vietnamese shouldn’t be too difficult.

2.  The people are so poor there that they remember what it’s like to be
friendly and kind to strangers.  I’m less afraid of losing some rights there
than I am of the gangs in America and indiscriminate killing that goes on
everyday in our own town.  I’m also against this hyper-materialism that has
taken hold of America.  I’ve become quite fond of Grandpa’s generation and my
image of America at that time.  Everytime I go back home, I do meet many
nice people but most are superficial, shallow people who display their worth
by the things they buy and constantly sizing up the other person in terms of
material things.  It’s so refreshing to go to a country that is so poor,
they cannot behave quite as badly yet, although give them time and I’m sure
they will follow the trend.

3.  The quality of life should be much better there for someone like me.  If
I compare the salaries with the price of products minus the poverty, I’d
make out better in Vietnam (so long as I spend all my money there).  In
fact, since my salary here is paid a month in arrears, I should have plenty
of money for rent and all expenses for about three months.

These points along with many others drives my motivation to go and work
there.  I’m very excited to go and I’ve gotten some invitations for
interviews; one from a consulting agency and one from a language school.
However, I will do my absolute best to try to get a business job and am
applying to language schools as a backup.  I’m confident that I’ll land
something is business eventually however.

Finally, I read an excellent article that confirms many of my thoughts about
people not really being smart or informed enough to vote intelligently.  It
also talks about how the elites form most of the masses opinions about which
candidates to vote for.  I’m sure you’ve already read it but it’s a


By 魔手

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