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E-mail to Dad 7.14.2004


Thanks for sending me those articles.  It looks like you’ve done really well
for yourself and Grandpa and Grandma would be extremely proud of what someone
who had trouble with Math has become.  I’m extremely proud to have such an
intelligent father who can always show me the other side or view when
problems arise and offer a well thought out solution.  I only hope that with
all this studying I may someday be somewhat successful as well.

As for my situation here, the Japanese semester is coming to an end and I’m
teaching English five days a week.  I’m making pretty good money and
promised ITC that I could continue teaching until the beginning of October.
In the meantime I’m going to step up my job search and really give it 100%
after the semester has ended.  My only fear is that if I decide to leave,
that I will miss Tokyo and not like my new environment.  I’m not worried
about hard work, or the job so much as the change in environment since I
have grown comfortable here.  I’m also concerned about H.  I really do
love her, but I must establish myself with a good career and I’m not ready
for anything crazy like marriage just yet.  Thus, if I must leave I’m
worried that I would miss her terribly.  It’s difficult living an
“international” lifestyle since there are so many unknowns when changing
ones environment.  Change is coming soon and I’m a little nervous about it.

I’ve made contact with Mr. K., and we will be having dinner together
on the 25th of this month.  I’ll let you know how it goes and what we spoke
about.  Also, Nick is about to arrive and I’m curious to see his reaction to
Tokyo and how is traveling is going.  He will be here for one week and I’ll
make sure he enjoys his stay.

Thanks for everything Dad,

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