E-mail to Tory 5.15.2004

Hey Cutie,

Thanks for that cute internet Card!  You’re such a sweetheart, and of course
I think of you quite often as well!  I tried to call the other night when I
was having a second party at my house and actually had a German friend call
your place.  He said some guy answered but hung up on him.  I think it must
have been your boyfriend so I hope we didn’t cause any arguments!  🙂  It’s
so hard to catch my friends in the states due to the time difference and I’m
always reluctant to call due to the cost unless I’m drunk.  So I guess I’m
doomed to call only in the middle of the day for you which is after the bars
for me.

Well cutie, I miss you and hope we can have a chance to meet up again
someday.  In the meantime, take care of yourself and big kisses from me to

Author: 魔手

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