E-mail to Dad 5.5.2004

Good Day Dad,

Sounds like mom has her hands full with her family.  It’s about time for
Grandma to stop living on her own I would think.  Since mom is the trustee I
wonder if the relatives will become a pain in the bum for her about dividing
up the assets when it comes time.  Don’t let mom get too stressed out about
those monkeys, she’ll probably need a little support.

I’ve got your advice and will follow it during the job search.  I only wish
I could agree with the fact that they like learners.  From my vista, I can
only see employers who look for cogs, or people that can perform one and
only one specific function.  It kind of makes me sad.  But I’ll keep the
head up and I’m 100% positive I’ll have something by the end of June.  I
understand completely that the “perfect job” doesn’t exist and my strategy
is to find any job in a great location.  I was thinking Vietnam because it
truly is paradise with perfect weather.  I could hate my job but still be
able to motivate myself to work hard since the location would keep my
spirits up.  Also, from what you’ve enabled me to experience, the most
important thing in life for me is learning and helping others.  I honestly do
not desire to buy “things” like most people do.  I find so much joy in
books, writing and helping other people.

About Mother’s Day, I just sent a card for mom and bought her a CD from
Amazon.com which should arrive soon.

Oh, and one last item.  My one-day contacts are almost gone.  I checked
their website but it says they must be acquired through an “eye care
provider.”  So I’m guessing we’ll have to call my doctor in Columbus and
order them through him.  I only have one packet left so if I could get them
relatively soon, I’d really really appreciate it.  Otherwise, I won’t be
able to check out the chicks at the gym very well.

Thanks Dad,

By 魔手

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