Website: 4.15.2004


Ok, some of you need to seriously update your virus protection.  I’m getting hit with at least 5 virus e-mails a day.  They are the “netsky-d” virus and most recently “W32.Beagle.”  It is starting to get very annoying.  Download this fix from Nortons anti-virus please!

Also, there is a very interesting phenomenon going on.  I can see who visits my website.  Ok, not actually who, but the domains my page receives hits from.  It seems like guestbooksare like leprosy and not to be touched since I receive many hits on my page but very few entries in my guestbook or e-mails about my page for that matter.  It would be nice to get some feedback once in a while.  So if you are visiting my page, do take a minute to at least consider signing the guestbook or sending me an e-mail.  It would be much appreciated.  If you don’t believe that I can see your domain, take a peek at an actual statistics report:

By 魔手

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