E-mail to Allison 4.7.2004

Hey Baby!

Sorry for the late response.  As usual I’ve been a drunk and got wasted on
Monday night with a few of my friends from the gym.  The next day I felt
like complete hell, but still managed to make it to work but not the Waseda
Orientation!!  I didn’t miss anything really important and the Italians and
Germans filled me in on what I had missed.  Then today I had to get my ass
up and go schedule classes.  They changed the entire system and basically
you have one of two choices.  One of them is a textbook class where you
follow the book everyday.  The second one is like “sogo” (sp?) and you have
to write reports and have more of a chance to speak.  I opted for the second
class since I hate textbooks.

Sorry to hear that your date sucked.  Was there a communication problem, or
was he just a drag to be around?  I would like to hear the details,, but
over a beer of course.  Speaking of beer, I am always in for Genius.  I’m
there!  I like the idea of setting Dima up as a Russian plaything.  I also
suspect Kazuko has a thing for him and if she goes it would be interesting
to see how Japanese chicks try to outmaneuver each other.  Can I bring my
video camera!??  Actually, Dima and I went to Roppongi after Yozakura last
weekend and we got so hammered that neither of us really remembers what
happened there.  I vaguely recall someone even drunker then us spitting a
little beer on us and I believe I threatened him and then told them Dima was
in the Russian Mafia (you know, to scare the hell out of them) and I think
they bought it.  Of course these are drunken shenannigans that I can’t
really recall and are much better to tell (try to piece together) when we
are drinking again.

Let me know about Saturday,, ,meeting times and whatnot.  I’m also up for a
visit to the park someday since the weather is so nice if you are anyone
else are interested.


El Mateo

By Mateo de Colón

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