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E-mail to Mathias 1.5.2004

Hi Mathais!

Happy New Year!  Waseda is still going well and my Japanese is getting
better but I still fail plenty of tests!  Level 3 is much more difficult
than level 2.  I’m enjoying myself though but don’t enjoy all the homework.
Aikido is good when I go. I haven’t been there for over a month and hope
they aren’t mad at me and kick me out.  ha ha..  I don’t think they can kick
me out though since I’m a paying customer.

Thanks for signing my message book on my website!  Sorry I said I like Spain
better than France..  It’s just that Spain doesn’t close the bars early like
France and America.  I like countries where you can stay out all night I

For Christmas I went back to America and found that Americans have gotten
even fatter.  It was good to see my family but I’m happy not to live there.
Did you have any culture shock when you went back to France?

Good luck with your exams!  I hope you will have the opportunity to come
back to visit Japan so we can get a beer.. Did you get an e-mail from
Kato-san… He said Happy New Year even though he kicked us out of the
Karate club..


Matthew M. Curtin

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From: mathias
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 4:29 AM
Subject: Happy new year!!!

> Salut Matt,
> Bonne annee et tous mes voeux de bonheur, mais aussi la sante, l’argent,
> les etudes, les femmes…bref tout un programme, n’est-ce-pas?
> J’espere qu’on aura l’occasion de se revoir pendant cette nouvelle annee
> qui commence.
> Alors t’es devenu un pro de l’aikido? C’est cool tu vas pouvoir aller
> casser la gueule a ceux qui nous ont vire du club de karate…hahahaha 😉
> How are you doing?
> I hope you spent nice Christmas’s vacation. what did you do? Did you
> to your homeplace?
> I was very busy and worked even for Christmas’ day and new year’s day!
> My exam start next week and I guess it will be less stressful after.
> It’s quite cold here in France, i guess it’s the same in Japan.
> take care
> mathias

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