E-mail to Liu Lian 11.15.2003

Hello Liu Lian!
Sorry it took me so long to respond.  Level 3 Japanese is extremely difficult and always busy.  It’s nothing like level 1 and 2.  Also, I have been working more, going to the gym and doing Aikido.  So maybe I am trying to kill myself or something, but it seems like all free time has disappeared. 
Most excellent essay and very interesting.  Unfortunately I cannot give you any ideas about abbreviations with your extremely specific “esoteric” subject.  Entry essays are also extremely difficult for me or anyone trying to enter a prestigious graduate school in the United States.  The only thing I can do is wish you a very hardy “Good Luck!” The only thing I would be able to help you with is grammar mistakes if you wish. 
So GOOD LUCK Liulian.  I have faith in you and know you can do it.  Let me know if you would like me to help you with the grammar aspect. 
Always yours,
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By 魔手

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