Journal Entry – English Class 12.4.1991

Today I feel pretty good because it snowed and when it snows it makes me feel good.  After school today I have to go to wrestling practice because Mr. Balmert wants me to.  I don’t think I”ll wrestle because it’s till 6:00 pm  everyday and I don’t have time for that if I want to keep my grades up.  It didn’t snow that much today.  There is just snow on the grass and snow drifts everywhere.  I hope we get a couple of inches of snow so we can get out of school and it’s also fun to play with because of snowball fights.  I love to have snowball fights and throw snowballs at cars.  

Last year me and Tony Morris thew snowballs at cars and that was so fun.  Once when Tony, Ryan and I were walking back from Lane Avenue Tony hit a car with a berry and the car chased us.  We ran through the houses into the alley.  The car came into the alley.  We hopped over a fence, ran in between some more houses and hid by these steps.  It was fun but I had just ate a sub sandwich and had a stomach ache.  

By 魔手

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