Journal Entry – English Class 12.12.1991

Theme:  The Golden Rule

Gun’s N’ Roses is coming to Dayton.  I don’t think my mom will let me go but I am still going to ask her.  Today we get out at 1:30 but I still have to stay here for wrestling practice.  I might go over to Kevin Dawson’s Friday, but the only problem is I have wrestling practice and a meet Saturday.  I hope my parents let me skip practice and pick me up Saturday.  I doubt they will let me but I still will ask.  Yesterday at lunch I barely made the lunch line, they were just about to shut the door when I came flying in.  I had to get my math test finished because I have math right before lunch.  We had subs yesterday and they had little brown things with yellow in the middle which almost made me throw up.  I hope I did good on my grammar retest I just took.  I hate having wrestling practice till 6:00.  It’s fun but it’s too long.  I can’t believe the dance was cancelled this Friday.  

By 魔手

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