Journal Entry – English Class 11.19.1991

Theme:  There is no substitute for hard work

Today I am so tired.  I hate getting up in the morning for school.  I feel so disorganized because I can’t remember where I put my homework book.  Today I have to stay after school till 7:30 pm because of basketball practice.  We have study table from 3-5 and basketball practice from 6-7:30.  It’s not going to be too fun.  I really need my homework book, it’s driving me crazy.  I wish I could go back to sleep, get something to eat and watch T.V.  

Today in gym class I beat Hank Thibaut in wrestling.  I now have to wrestle Mark Purcell for 1st place in lightweight.  I think I”ll be organized when I get to study table because it’s 2 hours and I think in 2 hours you can get anything done.  I hope these next two periods go quick because I can’t wait till lunch.  It took me three weeks of basketball conditioning to know how much I appreciate home.  My house is my favorite place to be.  

By 魔手

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