Robert Curtin – Christmas Eve – World War Two letter

Robert Curtin

Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Curtin
1946 Concord Rd.
Columbus, OH

Dear Mom and Dad,

Here it is Christmas Eve and I could think of a few places I’d rather be tonight than where I am but there will be wars eh!

The other day I received a whole bunch of letters and I really was glad to get them.  I received all those clippings you sent me.  I guess the boys really showed the rest of the country what a good team we had huh!

You were telling me that Jerry is going to Radar school.  I think I know the kind of a job he’ll have.  No doubt its the use that Radar gives in detecting submarines and airplanes.  Jim Gutman (one of the fellows I graduated from high school with) took the same training.  I sure hope he likes it.  There will probably be a big field in that after the war.

Well from what the cook tells me we’re going to have a big turkey dinner tomorrow with the trimmings.  I hope they have plenty because I have a feeling that I’ll be pretty hungry tomorrow.

Gosh.  Mom, I sure hope your ankle is better by now.  You’d better watch that standing on chairs unless someone holds it for you.

Well what do you think of the present German offensive.  I think old Rundstedt hit us with everything.  he had but I sure hope the people back in the states wake up and see that we haven’t won this war yet.  Old Jerry (the hun) has a lot of fight in him yet.  I think it will be a while yet before civilian production can start.  No fooling you’d be surprised if you could know how such and disgusted some of the guys get when they hear all the stories about the people in the states saying the war is almost won.  They’re not up there slugging it out with Jerry especially now that he’s cornered.  I still don’t think this whole thing will be over before the middle or fall of ’47.

Mom, I’m really taking your advice.  I go to Mass and Communion very often and I know that if it’s God’s will that I come back safe and sound I’ll be right there with the rest of the boys, but on the other hand just in case Jerry gets lucky why don’t forget to include in your prayers that I’ll always be prepared to meet God the way you and dad want me to. – Don’t let this talk worry you though.  You have to take into account everything, that’s what they say a good soldier does and I want to be a good soldier for God as well as for my country so just add that little extra prayer too.

Marie told me about Gene being in Belgium.  I sure hope he wasn’t in the path of this latest German drive but if he was you can bet your boots he gave the Germans all the h___! it was possible to give them.

Well Mom + Dad I’ll close again for now I’ll write again soon.

Your loving son,


P.S. The doctor of the hospital said that “fissure.”  I had in that most embarrassing place was beginning to heal up and that it looks as though he might not have to cut it out.  I have to go back next Wednesday for the final decision.

bye again for now


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