Journal Entry – 2.18.2017

It is 4:38 AM on Saturday morning.  It is completely dark outside with the only a one inch light out on the ocean as the cruise ship heading for San Francisco passed by.  We’re in the middle of a storm and I can hear the wind rushing through the trees.

I made it to the gym twice this week but I missed karate last weekend due to a cold.  I’m getting back into my morning and general fitness routine and it feels good. bookmarks and internet stuff

This past week I finally got around to organizing yet another part of my life.  This time it was my internet bookmarks;  not the browser bookmarks as I had done that previously but more specifically the once I had on  I noticed in December that his site was often down and remains so!  This is very odd for one of the most popular sites of the 2.0 web.  They also disabled the export function with a note saying it put too much strain on their servers!!

Journal Entry – Karate and Wrestling

It is 5:51 AM and I’m up later than usual.  Yesterday I had two karate sessions making four for the past two days and I’m battered and bruised.  Surprisingly, it isn’t as bad as I had thought.  When I first began I was afraid of getting punched, kicked and fighting in class.  That fear has has decreased considerably as I’ve grown accustomed to it and my confidence has risen.  I’ve also learned that a wrestling background really helps even if it was a lifetime ago.  Seems like riding a bike to me as you never forget the basics.  We cannot use throws or grabs – which I’ve done a couple of times when a partner gets too close to the surprise of a few black belts -but it helps maintain balance, my body moves naturally and it gives a lot of confidence.

Journal Entry 2.4.2017

It is 3:37 AM.  My son and I did the fighting class in addition to regular karate class yesterday.  The different between us is that when he exercises a lot he will sleep soundly and deeply until morning;  I however will not and wake up after only five or so hours of sleep and so here I am.

Recently I’ve been very anxious and my mindset somber.  Never before in my life have I actually had to worry that we might be very well headed for a nuclear war and yet here it is.  We have a President who is, naive, boisterous, inexperienced and dangerous, that is spouting bluster, alienating allies and enraging adversaries.  I have to hold my breath to open the news every morning as I half expect there to be some military confrontation happening.