Montaillou – Life in a Medieval Village

I just finished Montaillou by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie.  This took me over half a year to finish not because it wasn’t great, but because I have two young boys and thus free time is non-existent.

I learned of this book in a Reddit post and quickly bought it as it is right up my alley.  Montaillou is simply a study of medieval life in a small mountain town (Montaillou) in southern France around the year 1300.  The records are drawn from the Inquisition which was very active in the region trying to put a stamp on the Cathar beliefs which were spreading.  The Inquisitor, Jacques Fournier kept excellent records and thus have given us a peek into the normal, everyday life of the residents of this small village.

Journal Entry – 7.13.2018

It is 7:58 PM on Friday, July 13th.  The fog has moved in and the birds are screeching among the trees.  It is an ominous evening and perfectly suited for Friday the 13th.

This has been one of the busier weeks I’ve had in a while as far as work is concerned.  With the new job I need to have many meetings per week, there is a lot of research to do in my portfolio and of course still much to learn.  Today was very busy and I learned a lot.  I find that I like being busy with work and being back with the airlines very satisfying.  I actually look forward to it and haven’t felt that way about work in a long time.

Journal Entry – 7.12.2018

It is 8:52 on Thursday, July 12th 2018.

I am still lethargic and tried.  I think I must be going through caffeine withdraw because I haven’t felt like this for an extended period of time before.  I have absolutely no energy.  I think it is caffeine withdraw because I always have coffee every morning since my wife likes to drink it.  I’ve now been coffee free for about two weeks and so what else could it be?  Perhaps beer withdraw since I drank a lot of beer which I never do during the trip to Ohio and Asheville.  Whatever it is, I’d like my energy back soon please.

Journal Entry – 7.11.2018

It is 6:30 PM on Wednesday, July 11th.  For the past couple days I really haven’t been feeling like myself.  With all the changes recently (and beer in Asheville) my mind was in a fog.  It is only after a brief workout today and getting back into the routine of work that I feel a little bit more normal.  I had wanted to make it a longer workout but realized that today is the farmer’s market and I didn’t want to miss my veggies!