Technology upgrade

As I mentioned in a post or two ago I recently got excited about my VR goggles again due to discovering YouTube VR. Prior to that I had been rather bored with technology and in a rut checking Instagram, Facebook, the news and writing a blog post or two on an endless loop. Well, that [...]

Journal Entry 4.4.19

It is 3:56 PM on Tuesday, June 4th. This is the last week of school for my oldest and he has started bringing his classroom items home. This was always such a magical time of year for me when I was a kid. The weather became very nice, the pool opened and those final days [...]

Mars Rover 2020 – Boarding Pass

NASA is doing the public outreach again where you can add your name to a tiny silicon chip that will be aboard the 2020 Mars Rover. I got my boarding pass and more frequent flyer miles!

42 Years Old

Today I am officially 42 years old. There doesn't seem to be any difference physically or mentally with being 41 but I guess I've got a year for the verdict to come in. I have been paying more attention to what my body is telling me as I get older. I'll always remember my Dad [...]