Journal Entry – 6.16.2018

School has ended and summer has officially arrived.  Now is the time my whole world changes as we switch to the summer schedule.  As for me, I’ve completed most of the new employee items off the checklist which involved basically getting everything set up, choosing healthcare and so on.  The last item on the agenda is to work on the 401K which is never fun.

Journal Entry – 6.6.2018

Wednesday Morning

It is 5:59 AM on Wednesday June 6th. I’ve made it through two days of training and have two more to go. Yesterday we arrived 7:30 AM and the first session was with my bosses boss who gave us a nice overview of of the organization and how our department came into being. The rest of the day was getting set up with such things as we-mail, 401K, benefits and so on. We also heard from the heads of departments which help support us and I made it a point to meet those I’ll work with in person and one of them even spent time in Pacifica! What are the chances??

Journal Entry – 6.4.2018

I didn’t sleep well last night; I never sleep well in hotels. I tried to sleep at 10:00 local time but tossed and turned for two hours. So I got up around midnight and messed around on the internet until 1. After that I tried to force myself to sleep but it was very light and I woke up at five.

Journal Entry – 6.3.2018

It is 1:52 PM on Sunday, June 3rd and I’m at SFO. I always leave too early for my flights as I have a fear of being late. There can be traffic, security lines and other types of delays and my anxiety gets the best of me. So here I am, two hours early for a flight to Dallas. The new adventure officially begins.

6.1.2018 – Last day at company

The time is 8:49 PM on Friday, June 1st 2018.  It was my last day of work at the company I’ve been with for almost seven years.  It is surprising how quickly the last few days go compared to the beginning of the possible change.  There are interviews upon interviews, drug tests, background checks and then you’re offered the new job.  Next comes the two week notice, calls with the bosses and preparations are made for the departure but for the most part the daily routine is business as usual.  Then in the beginning of the last week things pick up and the change becomes real.