Zelda – Breath of the Wild

I had always wanted to play Zelda ever since the the very first one came out in 1987.

First there was Atari, which I remember playing from my earliest memories.  One of my favorite memories in fact was going over to my older neighbor Kevin Heinzenberger’s house and we played Joust together in his room on the top floor.  I remember laughing historically as those nights rode around on birds trying not to get hit, they would go so fast!  I laughed so hard tears came out of my eyes and I was very sad when it was time to go back home.  That is a memory that is burned into my brain and I’ll never forget.

Lapham’s Quarterly – Fear

I don’t believe ‘enjoyed’ is the right adjective to describe how I felt reading Lapham’s Quarterly – Fear.  What is the right word if you continually want to do something yet it causes anxiety and fear while you do it?

It is not that reading this edition made me afraid; it is that it called attention to the abundant anxiety in my own life which was exacerbated in reading about the anxiety and fear of others in this edition.

The Saga of the Garage Door

After about a month, our garage door now properly lifts by the garage door opener.  Also, I now know much more about how garage doors function as well as how to put together a garage door opener.

I guess I should start about 5 months ago when I came home, pressed the button to open the garage door and it got stuck halfway in the middle.  Looking inside I saw that one of the extensions of the leaf blower had caught on a bracket and thus lodged itself between an upper beam and the bracket on the garage door stopping it from going any further.

Journal Entry 1.9.2017

The year 2018 has gotten off to a very peculiar start.

At the moment I’m sitting in my shed/office/clubhouse where it is toast warm with my space heater on high while outside it is a cold, damp, foggy mess.  It rained all yesterday and last night but now only the gray weather remains with no more precipitation.  I’m pretty much all caught up in my work, this week being the worst of the year as everyone is now back in the office from the holidays and getting caught up from the work that accumulated over the past couple weeks.  And so I wanted to get a post in as the start to the year really has been something else.