Names on Mars

My name is now physically on Mars.  I posted about this back in 2015 when names were being accepted by NASA.  

Raise your hand if you’re in this new photo from #Mars! These two tiny chips contain the names of more than 2.4 million people who signed up to fly with me. We’re ON MARS, you guys. You’re all honorary Martians!— NASA InSight (@NASAInSight) December 6, 2018


Journal Entry – 12.8.2018

It is 4:44 AM on Saturday December 8th, 2018.  I’ve had my wheat grass, made tea, meditated, responded to Facebook comments and updated WordPress to 2019

WordPress has changed the format quite a bit with this new release focusing on ‘blocks’ and changing theme to be more in line with mobile.  I still prefer 2016 for a desktop layout but since it is an old theme I’ll go with 2019 for the functionality and speed improvements.  

Journal Entry – 12.4.2018

I asked my son what the main thing you wanted for Christmas was and you told me Doggy Poop then clarified “fake doggy poop.”   That made me laugh, especially because I had fake doggy poop when I was a kid.  How did I know about fake doggy poop you ask?  Well, the only advertising that really reached kids when I was your age was on the Saturday morning cartoons and they wouldn’t advertise things like that.  But in the back of a Magazine called Boys’ Life Magazine which could be found at the library there were all sorts of interesting things advertised in the back of it.  It looked like this:

Journal Entry – 12.2.2018

It is 7:23 on Sunday morning.  The household is still asleep which is rare for this time but there is a 80% chance someone will wake up and be in the living room before 7:45 so I’m not left much time.

I love the quiet of the morning.  I also love this time of year but I really miss the snow.  Now everyone knows I like a nice ambiance and in the morning usually have my TV fireplace with its crackling and accompanied quiet soundtrack as well as my Amish fireplace going.  My wife also bought some electric candles from Costco also have added a nice element to my beautiful mornings.  So, for this season I went ahead and bought two DVDs of winter scenes, snow falling the the forest and things like that.  Since we’ll never have snow at least I can have my TV creating a scene which my windows will not.

Journal Entry – 11.28.18

It is 4:37 AM on November 18th, 2018.  I’m in Dallas Texas for the start of our annual sales training meeting which runs through Friday.  Today is also my son’s birthday and I’m bummed I cannot be there.

I woke up early for Dallas and very early for California time.  The reason is I didn’t sleep well the night before in anticipation for this trip so went to bed very early last night.  It is so quiet now and I wonder if I should try and get a little more sleep before my alarm goes off at 6 AM.