Cobra Kai

I’ve written quite a bit about this new show Cobra Kai in the past couple of posts but thought it deserved it’s own post.  Cobra Kai is a new series on YouTube Red which continues the Karate Kid saga of the ’80s but from Johnny’s point of view and it is completely awesome.  I watched the whole series in two days and it really had a profound effect on me.

San Francisco Giants Baseball game

We went to my youngest child’s first San Francisco Giants game on Tuesday, May 15th and vs. The Cincinnati Reds.  The Giants won 5-3 and it really was a night to remember!

I am not much of a sports fan but am able to get tickets since the Giants are my customer.  The thought about getting my youngest to his first baseball game came when I took a customer to a Giants game last month.  Looking up at the board I saw Japanese Heritage Night was on the 15th and that it might be a great opportunity.  I am also switching jobs soon where the Giants might no longer be my customer so we should take the opportunity while we have it. Furthermore, they were playing they were playing the Cincinnati Reds which of course are from my home state of Ohio.  So needless  to say it was a perfect game for his first. What I didn’t know is how fantastic it would be.

Check-in at 40 part three

It is 8:20 PM on Thursday May 17th, 2018.

Tomorrow I give my two week notice to my current employer.  I’ve been in this position for six years and for the past three have been running on autopilot.  I know my customers, I know how things work, I know all the ins and outs and can get things done.  I didn’t expect to be changing jobs although I did take a peek once in a while.  Looking at job postings is not very fun and so I didn’t do it very much.  It is even less fun when you get calls from recruiters for positions which are terrible and pay less!  So even though I took a look once in a great while nothing could beat the position I’m currently in.

Journal Entry – 5.16.2018

It is 8:20 PM on Wednesday May 16th.  I’m very tired and have been all day due to an amazing experience yesterday.

In my line of work I deal with decision makers in corporations and one of my customers is the San Francisco Giants.  I work with them pretty much weekly but not being much of a sports fan only attended two games in my six years with my current company even though I could get tickets pretty much whenever I wanted.

Mother’s Day 2018 Part Two

It is now 2:36 PM and all the main activities are done.  I caught my first crab using my own net this morning.   I actually caught about three or four but it is best to throw the females back in order to be a responsible fisherman so that is what I did.  The first one I caught was a rock crab and Sadao-san said it was better for cooking the crab miso soup.