The Tale of Genji – Genjimonogatari

I first read the Tale of Genji when I was studying in Japan around 2002. It is Japan's most famous work and was written a millennia ago. I find that one can gain a much deeper understanding of a culture by reading these famous works written long ago. Within them are ancient pieces of DNA [...]


At 42 years of age my understanding of authority has evolved and I wanted to get these thoughts down. When you're a kid there are people you just have to obey without question. This would include: your parents, teachers, priests, adults and now that I think about it, just about everyone except other kids. We [...]

Journal Entry – 10.22.19

It is 4:57 AM on Tuesday October 22nd. When I wake up this early I take a moment to look up at the stars. Orion is prominent in the autumn night sky and I can clearly make out his belt as well as the surrounding stars. It is only in that patch of sky that [...]

Journal Entry 10.13.2019

It is 5:48 AM on Sunday October 13th, 2019. The moon hangs high above the trees partly obscured by a few passing clouds. The temperature is a cool 49 degrees. This is perfect weather for October, Halloween and the start of the holiday season. This year I was slow in taking the time to contemplate [...]

Journal Entry 10.11.19

It is noontime on Friday October 10th, 2019. The morning has been especially reminiscent of autumn with a crisp, cool breeze blowing through the trees and a clearness of the blue ocean which is often obscured by fog in the summer. The leaves do not change colors much here on the coast, and it is [...]