Nashville, Tennessee Part 2

The time is 11:11 and I'm back at the hotel. We had training all day and then an excellent party at a venue called 12th and Porter where there was a buffet, drinks and fabulous live music. I introduced myself to many new colleagues and we all had a good time. But it was after [...]

Nashville Tennessee

I'm writing from the Sheraton Grand Hotel here downtown where we're having our national sales meeting. Coming from San Francisco there weren't any direct flights where we would make it to the 1:00 start on time so us West Coasters flew in yesterday afternoon. I've been to Tennessee once in my life and that was [...]

The Non-Greeting

Most mornings I take my son Kai to school. Unlike most parents who just pull up to the curb and let their kids get out I park my car and walk him into the school. This is what I'm used to doing ever since kindergarten so I've just continued doing it. I like being with [...]

Journal Entry 4.27.19

It is 6:24 AM on April 27th, 2019. Although I've been waking up early I haven't been getting up early in a very long time. I wake up at 3 or 4 AM but have opted to just sit there and think until I fall back asleep. When you first wake up is the best [...]

Spring Equinox – Easter 2019

It is 6:05 AM on Sunday, - Easter - April 21st. The Easter baskets are out, eggs have been hidden throughout the house and I'm waiting for the household to wake up. As for me, I woke up at 4:00 AM and this time actually got up. I put the dishes away, cleaned the few [...]