Scott Birthday and going away

Another one of our friends is moving away from the Bay Area.  That makes the third family in the past year.  Jamie and his family up to Portland in order to buy a house since the market is berserk here; Sam and his family down to Orange County due to work relocation and now Scott and his family to Japan, also in order to be able to buy a house, escape monthly rent hell and to improve the conditions necessary for good family life.  

Journal Entry – More thoughts at 38

It is only recently that I’ve noticed that I am indeed “older,” in comparison with “young people.”  This sounds strange to say but I never considered myself “older,” my mindset always had me categorized with the younger.  It is only within the past year or so, with all the talk about the Millennial Generation, meeting people much younger than me with “real jobs” and realizing that my age is inching ever closer to 40, which isn’t considered young in any scenario, that I’ve realized I’m now “older.”

Journal Entry – Tuesday 7.21.2015

I prefer to write in the morning.  As the day goes on my mind fills with the minutia of work, bills, life and it seems to make the mind somewhat numb.  The best time to write is when I awake in the middle of the night, around 2-3 AM.  There is an energy in the air, the sound of silence rings in my ears and it is as though I’ve stepped into an alternate, parallel world to the one I live in during the day.  I do not often awake at 2 AM however so the next best thing is to write in the morning when I have my deepest thoughts.  

Estate tax – Why it exists

Was curious about the reason behind the Estate Tax and found this excellent answer from one of my favorite magazines. I guessed right!  I’m thinking about subscribing again.  

From The Economist

Estate tax and the founding fathers

You can’t take it with you
Oct 14th 2010, 21:44 by Lexington

MY FRIEND the Liberal Curmudgeon strikes again:

If there was one thing the Revolutionary generation agreed on — and those guys who dress up like them at Tea Party conventions most definitely do not — it was the incompatibility of democracy and inherited wealth.

Devil’s Slide Ride 2015

It is Monday morning so I’m backdating this post to Saturday which was a day worth posting about.  My neighbor and I participated in Parca’s Devil’s Slide Ride previously known as Giro di Pacifica.  We did the mountain bike course which was his first mountain biking ride in Pacifica after I finally convinced him to get a bike.  It was  a beautiful day.

Strava link to my ride:

After the ride we went to Devil’s Slide Tap Room for a few beers.  I had the Anderson Valley Boont Barl which was a fantastic beer.  I only wish I would have looked in my swag bag for the ride because there was a 10% off coupon for the brewery!  

Melancholy Tuesday – 7.14.2015

A gray melancholy ocean.  I went out beyond the gate and stared from the beach to the horizon as a strong wind made my eyes water.  After being inside staring at computer screens all day I was feeling a bit numb and needed to feel alive, any type of feeling at all would do.  I thought of my two neighborly ravens and if the Red Tailed Hawks had driven them off.  There has also been a falcon in the neighborhood recently which might have done it.  I had the thought, and turned around just in time to see one of my ravens alight from his perch atop the telephone pole and fly away.  To have thoughts of the ravens only to have one of them watching me from behind makes me think the legends are true and that perhaps ravens do have a link with the spiritual world.  Or perhaps it is just a coincidence since I might be the only one in the neighborhood who keeps his birdbath filled during this terrible drought and he just wanted a drink?  

Thinking of the 1980s

This past weekend I had the urge to listen to my 80’s playlist during my workout. When I’m on the elliptical I like to zone out and really exercise not only my body but also my memory.  I find that nothing helps bring back the memories better than music and if I focus I’m sometimes able to get myself into an absolute trance where I do not just remember events/places/people but it is as though I’m actually transported back in time and am there!  It is not an easy thing to do but if accomplished then long dead emotions, thoughts and feelings are resurrected and the experience is absolutely exhilarating.  I often write about the past and I believe a large part of it is that I can bring it back in my mind.  Looking around and asking others my age about the past it seems like memory is a very fragile thing and this talent of mine might be very rare.  

Saturday 7.11.2015

Today is my wife’s birthday.  I woke up early, put the dried dishes away, made the coffee and picked a bouquet from the garden.  I never know what a good gift would be so I went the safe route with a Nordstrom’s gift card.  I’ll also make breakfast and dinner.  Lunch?  Well, she also has a day to herself and I imagine will go for a massage so I really don’t know what she will do for lunch just yet.