Thanksgiving 2015

It is 9:22 AM on Thanksgiving morning.  I got a run in so I’m feeling very good, energized and ready to start the cooking.

I thought I’d write just a brief entry to mark the holiday.  We’re having three families over so things will be pretty lively.  There is a faint thought in the back of my mind that the pressure is on and I better not screw up the turkey but I don’t stress at all.  After this post I’ll read and re-read the recipes then get started with the preparation about 10 AM.

Journal Entry – 11.24.2015

Today I popped into a bar called the Four Deuces.  I’m no longer a bar patron but I had 45 minutes to spare so thought I’d have a drink or two.

Upon entering there was an attractive Asian and while sitting at the bar stool greeted me.  Now this was only the second time I had been to this place and I was confused why the most attractive person sitting at the bar would greet me.  Here in the USA in the big cities it is customary only to greet people if you believe they will spend money.  So I quickly figured out that this person had just obtained a position at the bar and was greeting a customer!

Journal Entry 11.23.2015

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

I think this time around my motivation to simplify and focus inward has gained enough steam so that I can free myself of the countless distractions of the digital world.  To start I’m off Facebook although I still have an RSS feed on my desktop with the notifications.  I’m out of the pool but a toe is still in the water.

Sunrise over the Bay


I just came back from the ride to the Portola Expedition site and wanted to write a little about this morning.  I woke up at 4:00 AM and saw the conditions were very good for a sunrise.  The sun wouldn’t rise until 6:55 AM so I played a little Warcraft, did the dishes and then got ready for the ride.

Journal Entry 11.20.2015

I have a few minutes to spare so thought I’d get a quick post in on random thoughts.

I recently took a break from Facetime to do some Internet learning and have to say I’m enjoying myself.  It has been a while since I’ve done a bit of learning and this week I set up Ubuntu on an old computer just so I could surf the deep web.  I’m not interested in the bad stuff or depraved nonsense, learning how to do it takes me back to the early days of the internet when it was more of an adventure and hadn’t been taken over by click-bait and sites wanting to sell you stuff.  The internet was the wild west back in the late 90’s and the deep web certainly is the wild west.  In addition to using a separate computer and Linux I also boot from a Tails USB which has the TOR browser included.  It is slow as molasses but I like the thrill.

Monday, November 9 Journal Entry

We had our first real rainstorm today for what promises to be a wet winter which we desperately need.  It hasn’t rained much since last winter and so unlike Ohio where rain is a normal occurrence it is a pretty big event here in the Bay Area.  There was even thunder and lightning which my son learned the words for today.  After breakfast we went to the window and actually caught the best lightning strike of the storm which seemed to hit a power converter as an area down the hill lit up in a brief orange glow.  The strike also knocked out our power for about 20 seconds.

Taurid Meteor Shower

Taurid Meteor Shower

It is 2:32 AM and I’ve just come in from watching the Taurid Meteor shower.  It is a chilly 51 degrees so I didn’t stay out too long but I did see one meteor before bed and two just a few minutes ago.  It is also easy to wake up if you watch scary YouTube videos just before bed since you won’t be sleeping well in the first place.

Technology – Finding a balance

It is 8:53 pm; with two kids it creates another dimension in space-time which all parents must pass through that adds another four hours.  In other words my clock reads 8:54 but for me it is more like 12:53 AM as I’m completely exhausted and well past my bedtime.

But I was determined to have at least a half an hour of “me time” even if it is the wee hours of the morning in this dimension that lasts until the little ones turn ten or so and want to be left alone from time to time.

Halloween 2015

It is 4:55 AM – I get an extra hour of “my time” this morning thanks to the daylight savings change on Saturday.  This is no guarantee that my youngest will actually sleep an extra hour as I don’t believe he yet honors daylight savings.

I always like to get a journal entry in at the start of the holiday season.  I wasn’t motivated enough this past week and was feeling pretty sluggish due to lack of exercise.  I found an opportunity yesterday and went for a short run which made me feel great.  Unfortunately Halloween happened while I had a lack of exercise endorphins so I wasn’t as in to it as I should have been.  But that has now been corrected.