Lapham’s Quarterly – Go for the older woman

I’ve decided I really need to write down my favorite passages from Lapham’s Quarterly; this one comes from the winter 2009 volume – EROS.  It is from Benjamin Franklin concerning the advantages of dating/marrying older verses younger women.  Seems like sage advice to me:

You should prefer old women to young ones.
Because when Women cease to be handsome, they study to be good.  To maintain their Influence over Men, they supply the Diminution of Beauty by an Augmentation of Utility.

Full letter is HERE

Journal Entry – Thursday, 2.4.2016

It is 6:02 AM and I’m listening to a very sad, haunting piece that evokes a strong feeling of mystery and loneliness – as though something has been forgotten, left behind and abandoned as time marches on.  The sound of the strings call out from a dark place in the past asking to be remembered or perhaps it is making sounds for its own comfort in remembrance of its own past and what it has lost.

Journal Entry 1.28.2016

It is 6:14 AM and I feel as though I haven’t had much time to write as much as I’ve wanted to lately.

2016 is turning out to be a much different year.  I’ve started my gym routine and am now going as soon as I wake up which is usually around five.  I haven’t gone much these past few years because of the young boys.  Time spent doing other things is time away from them and so when my second was born I felt considerably guilty going to the gym or mountain biking.  I couldn’t go early because sometimes the older son would wake up early as well and I didn’t want him to wake up his mom and younger brother.  But now that he is older he is sleeping much better and I don’t need to worry as much about him waking up early  or in the dark.

Wednesday January 20th

It is 10:18 AM and I’m at the Ferry Building downtown. I’ve got a few spare moments ago thought I’d get a Blue Bottle coffee and see if I like posting from my cellphone. I have to say this swift keyboard isn’t bad and doesn’t make too many mistakes but I still am not much of a fan of writing using the mobile.

Today I’ve got a pretty important sales event and so have had to drag along a big backpack full of materials. I took the  Bart because the event is near Market and Embarcadero which is terrible for parking and I didn’t feel like fighting the traffic. Afterwards I’ll meet up with my colleagues in that trendy tech company we own for a quick meeting then drinks.

Journal Entry – 1.15.2016

It is 4:58 AM and my dominant thought is how my perception of American society has changed.  This isn’t some grand, researched historical post but really just how I see things.

My main point is that I feel community is fading away and we are all on our own from a societal prospective. I felt like I was part of a number of groups in the past:  my school class, company, religion, country and various clubs were all things I belonged to and could turn to for support.

Journal Entry – January 14th, 2016

It is now 4:23 PM on what I thought was Wednesday but is actually Thursday.  My head is spinning from an extremely busy week at work.  I’m still covering other territories and I’ve got a lot of stuff from my own territory to handle.  The day is wrapping up and I took some time to look at some of my old journal entries from over 15 years ago.

I think I might possibly be the only one on the internet who keeps an open journal spanning three decades; perhaps there is an award for this or I could get in the Guinness Book of Records?

Journal Entry – Monday January 11th

It is Monday, January 11th at 4:48 AM.  The holidays are a distant memory as is 2015.

As I mentioned in a previous post we’ve done a lot of reorganization and cleaning to get the year started off right and now only have one room left to do.  Yesterday morning was spent out on the patio doing the gardening.  The first thing was to take the plastic cover off of the vegetable garden.  It can be very windy and chilly here so a cover is necessary to the plants do not get wind-burn and it also creates a miniature greenhouse.  I then moved a plant that has been growing well into a pot into the earth next to the birdbath.  There had been a geranium but a day or two ago a vole at the whole thing.  We’ll see if he does the same with this new plant.  I also took some rosemary cuttings to plant outside the gate as it seems the deer will eat everything except rosemary.  Hopefully those will grow and help hold the hill in place.


I had planned to write about the bird activity in my backyard in the previous post but another subject completely took that over.

In 2016 the ravens no longer rule the neighborhood.  It seems the drought has caused some patters to change and the ravens now stay low key due to the Red-Tailed Hawks that are hovering overhead more-so than before.  The ravens did enjoy their yearly gathering where distant relatives come and they all soar overhead playing games with each other but their numbers were drastically lower than last year – perhaps due to hawks but more likely due to water issues.  I no longer see the ravens perched in their nest in the same area I have for the past five years and am not sure where their new home may be.

Journal Entry – January 5th, 2016

It is 5:53 AM and today I’m venturing across the bay for a customer visit.  We’re still getting plenty of rain so I imagine the traffic is going to be pretty bad.

I’ve been continuing to think of changes to make here in the start of 2016 and one of them is to just relax as well as bring back the incredible confidence I used to have.  It is not that I’m not confident now but the years of work as an Account Manager take its tool.  Corporate America has a way of wearing people down and sometimes that confidence level needs a refresher.