Journal Entry – 12.2.2016

It is 5:51 AM.  I’ve caught a cold from my youngest boy and not feeling too great.  One thing about colds though is that they really make you appreciate your health.  This cold in-particular has actually reduced my stress/anxiety level a bit because it has forced me to slow down, take a deep breath and put things into perspective.  That perspective being, to not take my health for granted, stop worrying so much about work and enjoy life.

Journal Entry – 11.29.2016

It is 5:59 AM.  I haven’t gone to the gym in a while but my body remains sore from karate so at least I’m getting exercise in.  It will soon be time to start up the morning gym routine again.

Things have been very busy.  Before Thanksgiving I had quarterly reviews, meetings, business reviews and so on that made the time pass quickly.  Just a short time ago I was writing about Halloween and the beginning of the holiday season.  Well, we’ve now completed two holidays and it is now the month of the main and final event, Christmas.

Thanksgiving 2016

It is 11:01 AM on Thanksgiving day.  I didn’t get any exercise in this year and even forgot my gi yesterday at karate so didn’t participate.  Looking back at previous Thanksgivings it seems I did get exercise in.  Well, I suppose the good news is with karate I’m exercising a heck of a lot more this year than in previous so no big deal I didn’t get to do it this year.


Politics on 11.23.2016 – Trump, Romney and other things

The date is November 23rd, 2016.

The media is still going berserk with hundreds if not thousands of articles every few hours on the Trump presidency and the world of politics.

As for the Liberals, they are still thrashing wildly about unable to accept the result of the election.  There have been many pieces on how far Hillary is now ahead with the popular vote; there are petitions to give the Presidency to Hillary and there are many pieces on how voting machines might have been manipulated or hacked in many states.

Journal Entry – 11.23.2016

It is 4:06 AM.  It is wet outside, most likely from heavy fog which has now cleared.  Today is a workday with early dismissal but very few of my customers are going to want to work and so hopefully I’ll only need to respond to one or two e-mails.


Journal Entry – 11.20.2016

It is 5:29 AM.  My body is tired and sore from the double karate session yesterday but I like the feeling as it reminds me that I got a good workout in.

Today the dojo is meeting at the historic Roxie Theater to watch a movie – Take a Chance – made by the Grand Master (Saiko Shihan) of World Oyama Karate, Yasuhiko Oyama.  In addition to being a famous martial artist he is also a filmmaker and has made what looks like a really great movie judging from this trailer.  It follows a young kid (Mackenyu Chiba) who leaves Japan and becomes an Uchi Deshi (live in student) at World Oyama headquarters in Alabama.

Hillary Clinton – Disappointment

I’m making this an LTMD as there is enough being written about Hillary’s shock loss and I’m not interested in adding to the conversation.  I just want to let my descendants in the far future know some of my current thoughts.  And my thoughts are this:

Most of us, including myself, only know politicians by the news and information we receive.  From this information we form an opinion based on our own mindset, beliefs and what we’ve been taught through the course of our lives.  So I don’t know Hillary, I only know ‘of her’ through the information I read.

Journal Entry – 11.19.2014

It is 4:57 AM.  I woke up at 3:30 AM, got a number of things done and just now am getting around to writing.

It was a busy and difficult week.  On Monday I had a quarterly business review at my top customer.  It is a world famous and premier technology company and so the review takes a lot of preparation and there are a lot of takeaways to get accomplished afterwards.  After the meeting we went to lunch at Chaya and it was very good.

Perigee Super Moon 2016

Perigee Super Moon 2016
Perigee Super Moon 2016

Perigee Super Moon 2016: the Moon hasn’t been this close to the Earth since January 6th, 1948 and won’t be again until November 25th, 2034.

*Reminder to look back at this post in 2034 and remind myself of what my life was on 11/13/2016.  I’ll be 57.

I wonder what my grandparents were doing on that date?  World War II had recently ended and so Grandpa would have been back for just over two years.  He also didn’t graduate until 1948 and so it is possible he was studying for tests!