Journal Entry – 5.24.2016

It is 5:16 AM.  I awoke especially early today at 2:30 AM and had a tough time falling asleep as well.  I guess part of it could be due to work anxiety but the other part is my body just didn’t feel like sleeping.  On the plus side I’ve already been to the gym and now have plenty of time to myself this morning.  I don’t think I’ll be doing anything terribly exciting once I finish this post however; I’ll probably just go back to sleep on the couch.

Journal Entry – Devil’s Slide Taproom

So far today I’ve gotten a massive amount of gardening done.  The front island was overgrown and I had to get the trellis in the ground so we could buy the climbing plants.  And why did I get to do gardening?  Well, today I have a bit of rare free time from the kids and wife so I got the gardening chores done.  Then for the first time ever I thought it would be a great idea to take my Mac, go to the Devil’s Slide Taproom and write in my journal while sipping on a beerski or two or three.

Journal Entry – 5.18.2016

Taking a peek at Facebook my old college friend Taesen posted a few pictures recently and seeing her reminded me of Spanish class at Ohio State University.  This was the class right before Spanish 401.  Spanish 401 was a course I’ll never forget as it was an extremely difficult grammar class and designed to weed out those students who were not serious about learning the language.  But the class before 401 – whose number I forget – was not difficult and in it where two pretty girls, Taesen and Heather and naturally I got to know them both.

Journal Entry 5.17.2016 – Fight everything everywhere

The last time I saw a movie at the movie theatre was five months ago and the new Star Wars.  As much as I love Star Wars I don’t even remember what it was titled and don’t think it really matters anymore; Disney now owns Star Wars and I expect there will be one movie after another until the end of time.  These movies will also be supplemented with Star Wars on Ice, the Star Wars ocean cruise, the Star Wars rides at the theme parks, and on and on and on.

Trip to Punta Mita

For the Cinco de Mayo week we took a trip with our friends to Punta Mita, Mexico.  The Four Seasons resort there is one of the most luxurious places I’ve ever stayed.  When we arrived staff greeted us with a special drink and put tequila in it if we wished.  We were then taken by golf cart to the penthouse suite.  This suite had an enormous living/dining room which lead to a patio complete with a view of the Pacific, a grill and our very own plunge pool.


Journal Entry 5.11.2016 – Coating the fence

Yesterday I spend a number of hours applying a finishing coat to the new fence.  This offered a lot of time to think and I thought I’d write a few down here.  The time is now 4:57 AM and I had thought I’d go to the gym but I’m behind in writing so glad I’ve chosen to get my thoughts down.

My first random thought is that I’d like to spend Christmas in a town that looks like it was designed for Christmas.  There is a place called the North Pole in Alaska but I feel it needs to be older, a bit more exotic.  What I have in mind is Norway, Sweden or perhaps Iceland.  Cobblestone streets, ancient architecture that was built for snow and actual reindeer would all be perfect.

Lies, all lies

They say that living in the modern day city is a factor which contributes to mental illness.  I moved from San Francisco six years ago but I believe we are still close enough to this ground zero that we can still feel the mental illness inducing effects.  Perhaps this is why I’m starting to be bothered by the amount of lies I’m told each day instead of just ignoring them.

I am not a writer

The question popped into my head the other day, if I considered myself a writer or not.  I certainly like to write in my blog here but would I be considered a writer if someone other than myself were to ask me that question?

No, I am not a writer.

A writer is one who:

can use perfect punctuation all the time
gets straight As in English class and is/was praised by the teacher
has books published that people pay money to read
belongs to social circles where they talk about literary trends I cannot comprehend
is allowed to stay at the Athenaeum club
proofreads, revises and corrects his work so it flows and is coherent
a writer is a way of describing someone who has these qualities
a writer is someone that I am not.

Journal Entry 4.28.2016

It is 5:46 AM on chilly Wednesday morning.  I’m still not back to normal due to a nasty cold: I’ve got a consistent headache, my thoughts are negative and I’m having a hard time getting motivated to do anything.  This cold has lasted almost two weeks but it looks like I’m on the mend which is good because I really need to get back to the gym.