Journal Entry 7.22.2016

It is 6:16 AM and I’ve had a productive morning.  I’ve gone to the gym, put away the dry dishes and made the coffee.  I thought I’d get a journal entry in since it has been a while.

Daisuke and his wife are here and we’re in store for a fun weekend of sight seeing.  The last time he was here was 8 years ago and I find it hard to believe how quickly time goes and how much has changed.  He came with our mutual friend Saori and now both Saori and Daisuke are married.  Back in 2008 we still lived in a small apartment in the city, we worked for different companies and there were no kids.  Life continues to speed up and I’m just thankful I have this journal so I can remind myself of how quickly time actually goes.

Journal Entry – 7.6.2016

It is 6:26 AM and I hadn’t planned on doing a journal entry this morning.  My thoughts were mostly negative thanks to the news, things I’ve recently learned about Government and videos on the internet that they won’t show you on the news.

With the spread of technology it is easy to see just how awful of a place the world can be and sometimes it feels like the human race is certainly not going to survive another thousand years the way we treat each other and the planet.

LTMD – Money vs. Life

Money cannot and does not buy happiness.

This is something people in society today will post on their Facebook, print t-shirts of, proclaim from the mountain tops;  it is also something that the majority of them do not really believe.

At a recent event some ladies were speaking about how they admired another woman who had reached great heights in the company.  They mentioned that she had not one, but two nannies because she had to travel so much.  After that they spoke about how they wanted to be her.  Some of these women also had kids and made use of nannies.

Journal Entry – Ryan, Sylvain visit

These past two weekends have been busy.  My friend from college Ryan – who I also studied with in France – came to visit.  It just so happened that a french friend of his – Sylvain – would be in town at the same time and the first weekend we all went to Napa.

Robin Williams – Make Your Life Spectacular

Robin Williams – Make Your Life Spectacular

This video was shared recently by a childhood friend of my sister who has been through one of the worst experiences possible in life.  Because it came from her, it made watching this even more profound and has touched me very deeply.  So, I wanted to record it here in my journal so I can look back whenever I need to be reminded of its message.

Journal Entry – the only constant is change

It has been a week full of anxiety.  The first was the entire sales organization got an e-mail for a conference call in two hours with the top leadership.  I do not recall ever having a conference call with the top leadership and when it is sudden you know there is going to be a significant change.

As is often the case they gave us a high level overview but did not discuss the details.  Everyone knows the devil is in the details and those conference calls would be done on a local level; ours was scheduled for the next morning.  Therefore, we were all left wondering what was in store throughout the day.